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If I ever said I was going to have only one Final Fantasy game on this list…I LIED. This game holds such a special place in my heart, third only to two other games. I can confidently say that Final Fantasy 6 was THE GAME that made me fall in love with JRPGS. The first time I played it, I knew the game was going to be amazing as soon as I stepped onto the world map and Terra’s theme began playing. The theme itself told me the story was going to be filled with sadness, hope, desperation, friendship, LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE! Okay I’m exaggerating a little, but seriously the game has everything I mentioned. And with that a little warning…this post will probably contain SPOILERS!!!!

I want to get things started by talking about this games amazing group of playable characters. FF6 boasts the largest cast of playable characters ever in a FF game (14 of them to be exact) which probably makes you think they skimped out on character development right? YOU”RE WRONG. Each and every character (well save for three) all have there moment to shine, and you really get to sink your fingers into getting to know them. 

In the first half of the game there is part where the group splits into three. Sabin goes off on his own and is shortly joined by Shadow. The two witness Kefka poisoning the water supply of Doma Castle, and sees everyone die except one person, the retainer of Doma, Cyan. Cyan joins the groups cause and the three end up on a Phantom Train where they battle ghosts. They eventually end up on the Veldt and meet a boy raised by monsters Gau. These four characters ended up being my favorite because of this part of the game. I’d go into more detail but I want whoever reads this to go play it and experience what I EXPERIENCED!!! My second favorite part of the game occurs during the second half of the game, after Kefka destroys the world. The first character you control is Celes, who is stranded on a island with Cid with only fish to eat. The first time I played the game I fed Cid only sick fish, so he ended up dying. Alone with no hope, Celes decides to end it all by jumping off a cliff. She fails, and ends up finding the raft Cid was secretly making. With renewed hope and a means to escape the island, she sets off to find her companions. I REALLLLLY liked this aspect of the game. The actions the characters took were believable. In most cases I feel in a game if the main characters were to fail they would be all gung-ho to try again and not be phased at all. Not this time. The main cast all react in a way that makes you feel like wow, they really did fail in beating the bad guy. Terra loses the will to fight, Edgar is forced into a disguise to find the whereabouts of his kingdom, Cyan pretends to be another man to spare a woman the pain of losing family, Locke tries to revive his first true love, Strago joins a cult believing his granddaughter is dead. THAT MY FRIENDS IS EXCELLENT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

But you know what I like the most about this game? The ending. The 13 minute or so ending that just completely satisfies every single cell in your body. Sure you get the feeling of sadness from such an amazing experience ending, but the ending was so well done that you feel happy for all the characters. No…I’m not going to spoil the ending. I might have spoiled alot of things, but not the ending. Go play the game. It’s just such a perfect ending. Omg. I don’t even know why I’m still writing!!! IT WAS JUST SO GOOOOD!

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